Cedarville Marine



Whether you're looking to store your boat through the season or for just a few weeks, Cedarville Marine has a number of options available.  Boats may be stored indoors on bunks (or trailers), with dry stack as an option for smaller boats.  Outdoor seasonal storage is accompanied by shrink wrap service, and larger vessels are bunked using our 25-ton travel lift.  If you'd like to schedule short term storage, please give us a call at (906) 484-2815 or fill out our online form here (see rates below).


Indoor Seasonal Storage (Labor Day to Memorial Day) $5.15 per square foot

Outdoor Seasonal Storage (Labor Day to Memorial Day)

Shrink Wrap - Storage at CM

Shrink Wrap - Customer Takes Boat 

$3.40 per square foot

$4.10 per square foot

$4.50 per square foot

Short-Term Storage $60.00 per week or
$140.00 per month

Outboard Motor Only

$125.00 per season
$3.00 per lineal foot

Note 1:  All stated rates exclude haul-out & launch fees
Note 2: Rates for entire summer storage are 1/2 the applicable seasonal rate
Note 3: An additional $35 will be applied to those who do not have their own trailer
Note 4: Outdoor Seasonal Storage is Customer Covered
Note 5: Winterization is not included in the above pricing